Maintenance Packages

The Mother-in-Law Package

You have visitors coming to stay for the holidays and your home needs attention before mom puts a foot through that front door.This list is potentially a full-day package where all the agreed issues are blitzed off your ”I meant to get to that” list all in one go. Some of the things that could be blitzed.

  • Hanging a couple of photo frames (If your sister in laws wedding picture is not up this time around, you just know what is going to happen……)
  • Driveway pressure washed.
  • Stove / cooktop / range hood is cleaned
  • Tile grout cleaned and descaled in the guest bathroom (Please take not, this is not a regrout job, it is only a cleanup. We can do a full re-grout but depending on the size of the bathroom this will impact time and cost requirements)
  • All loose fittings and fixtures is tightened up.

Repair or replacement of all additional identified items can be quoted separately for.

Kitchen Silver Service

Your kitchen is still fully serviceable, but it is showing small signs of wear and tear. A change can be like a holiday so why not do it now.

  • Replacing all of the handles in the kitchen drawers and cupboards
  • Oven / microwave/ ceramic cooktop cleanup and shine
  • Updating of all hinges to non-slams
  • Regluing of lifting laminate edges
  • Splash backs and grout cleanup

The Happy Baby

Your new bundle of joy has discovered that feet are made for walking and now is the perfect time to put some preventative safety measures in place.

  • Top and bottom of stair installations of safety gates
  • Safety latch installations in the kitchen / bathroom / garage
  • Electrical socket outlet protection
  • Corner protectors on tables and desks
  • Fridge and window locks
  • Glass door markers
  • Blind cord safety wraps
  • Furniture anchors

The Spring-clean Package

  • Gutters cleaned
  • Driveway and footpaths pressure washed
  • BBQ grill cleaned
  • Deck furniture pressure washed
  • I have good working relationships with some really excellent garden services in the area that at the same time can tend to the hedges and shrubs.

The AirBnB Safety Prep

You have listed your place on AirBnB and now some issues needs to be looked at before the first guest arrives, or you got an online review comment that you want sorted out

  • Installation of key drop box and safety signs
  • Fixing of first aid kit
  • Fixing of additional smoke alarms

The Grey Nomad

You are planning to go on an extended holiday but you have a list of items that needs doing before you take on the big trip.

  • Automated sprinkler installations
  • Motion activated LED lights install
  • Secuirty screen installations

Extra pair of hands to help you get things ready:

  •  Replacing or regrease and packing wheel bearings on a camper trailer
  •  Mounting of roof racks etc

Not-a-Spring-Chicken-Anymore Package

We all age and one day we realize we need an extra hand to be able to keep living independently. A few basic changes can make a huge difference in the lifestyle of a parent for example.

  • Installation of grab rails in the shower and bath
  • Installing anti-slip strips in wet areas
  • Installing grab rail in the toilet
  • Changing the direction of opening of some doors